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Violin lessons in Rome

learn, love, play.

“Where words leave off, Music begins.”
-H. Heine

Express yourself with music on an instrument full of difficulties as the violin is not easy.
But the value that inspires my work as a teacher is exactly that: teaching the bow technique and the left hand's one, the method by which to know how to face the difficulties of the learning path, explaining music theory for understanding the language of the seven notes. All that is for the achievement of the main objective: being able to communicate own emotions through this magical wooden instrument.

Violin Courses

Individual Violin lessons are intended for all age ranges, each one of one hour weekly, you can do the lesson at one of my sponsored schools, either at my address or at the student one.
The courses are totally personalized and the student is followed step by step for each technical exercise or theoretical study.
The beginner will then have all the tools necessary to approach the Violin study properly and relaxed.

Module 1

Setting the correct body position with the instrument;
Development of the bow technique, starting from open strings;
Development of rhythmic sense and motor coordination;
Intonation and execution of the first sounds;

Module 2

Ear training, learning notation and rhythmic structures;
Intensity of sound in the form of colors and dynamics (forte, piano, crescendo, diminuendo);
Mastery of the five applications of the fingers in first position;

Module 3

Major and minor scales and arpeggios in the first position.
Through knowledge of the violin repertoire (classical, popular, traditional and folk) and the different forms of music you can apply the various techniques gradually studied in songs of different nature, including footage with increasing difficulty.
Enhancement of logical, observational, concentration and Imagination- development of individual expressive abilities

The technical bases

Recalling that there isn't a valid method for all students, but it is always appropriate to develop personalized courses, integrating material taken from many didactive textbooks, the didactic way of my beginner's course includes some obligatory steps.

Materiale Didattico

The main textbooks used in the course:
A. Curci “Tecnica fondamentale del Violino”e “Tecnica elementare delle scale e degli arpeggi”
R. Entezami “Studi melodici”
J. East “Suona il Violino”
S.Suzuki “Violin School”
E. Sassmannshaus “Iniziamo presto col violino”
A. Aloigi Hayes “La favola di Alighiero e del suo Violino”e collana “Alighiero in concerto”
A. Reitano “Il violino a colori”
Other materials will be provided directly by the teacher, depending on age and level.










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